Child Support Laws In Arizona

Child support is a crucial component for ensuring that children's basic needs are met. The state of Arizona employs a formula, which is contained in state guidelines, to calculate what amount of support is appropriate given a particular set of circumstances.

Various factors are added into the formula, including:

  • Gross monthly income of each party
  • Number of parenting time days
  • Health care costs
  • Day care or before and after school costs

Spending more days with your child reduces the amount of child support you are obligated to provide.

When those who are obliged to pay child support fail to meet that obligation, the family court judge can take various forms of action.

Accountability Court

In Arizona, we also have Accountability Court to deal with those who habitually fail to meet their child support obligations. Various requirements may be imposed by the Accountability Court, including having to appear on a weekly basis and report to the court on such matters as how many jobs you have applied for in a given week. Failure to comply can result in an arrest for contempt of court.

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At DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, we understand how important it can be for both parents that child support levels are set correctly. For the parents paying child support, they need to retain sufficient funds to meet their own obligations. For the parents receiving child support, they may meet their needs (and the child's) without the appropriate amount of child support. Our 30 years of combined experience allows us to provide our clients with exceptional representation on child support issues.

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