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January 2014 Archives

Yuma county program helps divorced parents

Parents who get divorced face many special challenges. Coordinating activities and establishing a parenting schedule is a new experience for many, as things were simpler in some respects when everyone lived in the same household. The marriage is over, and while there may be lingering animosities and resentments, both parents need to find ways to cooperate and work together for the good of the children. A program being offered in Yuma County, Arizona, may prove helpful to some divorced parents.

First three months of year heavy with divorce filings

Whatever the reason, research has shown that there is a huge 50% jump in Internet searches for terms related to dissolution of marriage, family law, or child custody, etc. from December to January. Statistics show that divorce filings increase in January through March, after the holidays are over. Valentine's Day being in February evidently does not act as a major deterrent, no matter how many flowers, boxes of candy, and greeting cards may be sold.

Cherokee tribe alters child custody preference rules

Members of the Cherokee Nation Indian tribe have been concerned about the fate of tribal children, in some instances placed with non-members of the tribe. On one recent case, a Cherokee man thought that under the provisions of a federal law known as the Indian Child Welfare Act that he should have had a preference and protected right to have child custody of his daughter. Instead, she wound up being placed in the home of a non-Indian family and the courts upheld this.

A primer on the treatment of stock options after divorce

When going through a divorce, many couples fail to recognize the importance of property division techniques for stock options. Even though you may not think that stock options are relevant for your Arizona divorce, a qualified family attorney can help you decide whether to include stipulations about these financial resources in your divorce settlement. This is true even of those couples who do not have stock options at the time of a divorce, according to legal experts.

Approach finances with business attitude during divorce mediation

For couples in Maricopa, Arizona, who are divorcing, things may be anything but business-like. Individuals who can put emotions aside to participate in the divorce mediation process may find they are happier with the outcome, especially when it comes to financial matters. According to experts, setting aside personal bias and feelings and approaching matters with a business attitude can make things easier for everyone.

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