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At DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, we help clients find their way through challenging family law situations. We know the impact such matters have on all of us, and we provide the guidance needed to build a better tomorrow through the decisions made today. Feel free to call us at 602-626-9552 or 800-409-0262 for a consultation.

Attorney DeShon Pullen is certified by the State Bar of Arizona as a family law specialist. DeShon and the rest of the legal team at DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC offer skilled and strategic representation to those who face difficult issues such as:

  • Divorce — Divorce is not only the end of a marriage; it is the beginning of the next chapter of your life. Make sure you start that chapter the way you desire.
  • Legal Decision-Making and Child Support — Legal decision-making (custody) and parenting time are frequently highly contested. Skilled legal representation can ensure you are well-prepared for any conflict.
  • Spousal Maintenance — Spousal maintenance (alimony) calculations can be critical to both spouses being able to move forward after their marriage. You need an experienced attorney to assist you in these calculations and advise you on spousal maintenance awards.
  • Division of Property — The proper division of property, especially when substantial assets are involved, can be difficult. Frequently, there are financial consequences if the division is not fully analyzed.
  • Enforcement — When one party to a family law agreement is not living up to his or her obligations, the court can intervene and hold that party accountable for his or her failure to comply with court orders.
  • Modification — While family law agreements are built with an eye toward the future, unforeseen developments can require the court to modify those agreements.
  • Mediation — Mediation is a useful tool for securing resolution to challenging family law matters. Mediation often saves money, time and stress and is frequently successful.
  • Collaborative Law — Collaborative law is a process for securing a divorce that focuses on consensus rather than litigation. Attorney DeShon Pullen has received advanced training in collaborative law.
  • Juvenile Matters — Juvenile matters such as guardianships and the termination of parental rights are sensitive and emotional issues. Skilled legal guidance can make this process easier and less worrisome.
  • Adoption — Stepparent, relative, and private adoptions can be a joyous time for a family but also complex in nature with different requirements and legal considerations. It is important to discuss your matter with an experienced attorney.

Get Answers To Your Family Law Questions

Our attorneys are here to guide you through the legal system with skill and understanding. We know that you likely have many different questions and concerns, and we are here to provide the knowledgeable assistance you need to make the choices that are right for you and your family.

During your consultation with us, we can address questions such as:

  • Is it possible to get full custody of the kids if my spouse is verbally abusive?
  • What counts as "custodial interference?"
  • Do I need permission to move to a different city with my child after the divorce?
  • Can the other parent and I come to our own child support agreement?
  • What happens if I lose my job and can't afford to pay spousal maintenance?
  • If I owned a business before my marriage, is my ex-spouse entitled to any of its value?
  • Is mediation or litigation a better choice for my divorce?
  • As a grandparent, what visitation rights do I have in Arizona?

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