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DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC and its attorneys are highly respected in the Arizona legal community, but our clients’ satisfaction is what matters most to us. Below are client reviews by people, like you, who needed a family law attorney’s help.  If you are a former client, please consider sharing your experience on Avvo or another site of your choosing. Thank you!

“Great attorney”

My divorce wasnt a mutual one, so I had to hire an attorney post my ex had already looked around the part of town I live in. It was a blessing in disguise as I traveled farther away to find Deshon. I knew she would be perfect for me in this hard time in life in just one meeting. It wasnt only for her compassion but her advise. She didnt tell me what I wanted to hear but what I should hear.

Its always expensive to go through attorneys but if you employ one who is smart you get most out of your money. Her entire team is smart and paid a lot of attention to detail. It sometimes is hard to find time with Deshon but you will always get the right answer. I truly appreciated working with her entire team Staci, Sara, Jessica, Lisa etc.

It took over an year to get the final judgement and all settlement with custody etc. and I have no complaints. I was really impressed with Deshon at the hearing, she was against another 10 rated lawyer in the town and the opponent was totally out of her element and Deshon was smart, poised and eloquent in her part of defense. I am glad i had her on my side. Thanks!

-Aditi, published on Avvo

“Superb Lawyer”

DeShon is honest, extremely hardworking, and realistic about what to expect. DeShon is well regarded and connected with professionals who will further your case if needed. DeShon’s paralegal is knowledgeable and extremely competent in her role. DeShon’s legal acumen and diligence are impressive.”

-Jem, published on Avvo

“Absolutely Incredible”

Deshon, Jennifer and the entire staff were simply the best choice for my divorce proceedings. They were very professional but extremely personable for the needs of my case, my two boys, and myself. They truly care about their clients, they work extremely hard for you, and they are by your side personally through the entire process. Their friendly compassionate style is a breath of fresh air through any divorce, and no divorce is easy.”

-Matt, published on Avvo

“Brilliant – The Best!”

“The only bright side to my divorce, after 27 years of marriage, was retaining Ashley Rahaman to represent me. For all those going through the frightening and painful process of divorce, Ashley has extensive legal knowledge as well as the ability to empathize with her clients. Also, another plus was the reasonable pricing. I interviewed a few well known lawyers before asking Ashley to represent me.

My husband and I had been discussing divorce and trying to resolve our differences with a mediator. In November 2014, I retained DeShon Laraye Pullen, PLC, specifically Ashley B. Rahaman, to prepare, file, and serve my husband with divorce proceeding paperwork as our private negotiations with each other were going nowhere. After the paperwork was filed and my husband was served we began the daunting task of gathering all of my financial documents to produce to my husband.

In March 2015, we attended a resolution management conference where a trial was set for May 2015. Adamant not to litigate this matter I agreed to use the services of a private mediator. We attended mediation in April 2015. During mediation we settled all of our differences and came to an agreement. However, just shortly after mediation my husband decided he was unhappy with the settlement and began challenging it. Ashley wasted no time and lodged the Decree of Dissolution, which was challenged by my husband. The Court took the matter under advisement and signed my form of Decree.

This process may sound as though this was a simple open and shut case but it turned into an extremely spiteful situation. While there is a lot of anger in divorce situations, I perceived that my ex husband would have tossed me on the street if possible and not looked back. Ashley reassured me of my rights and I felt confident with her advice. She was realistic and was pretty straightforward with what I might expect from the outcome. She was dead right in her opinions. She had much higher expectations than me and I was awarded much more than I expected.

Another attorney on this site commented on Ashley’s compassion for her clients. Though my husband and I had accumulated assets, there certainly were not millions involved in our property settlement that caused her to be so diligent. She simply really cares about her clients. There is so little I can say that does justice in describing her legal expertise and character. I had more than a few professional people look over my divorce paperwork and all of them commented on her skills. Lastly, I would be remiss in failing to mention Ashley’s legal staff, Stephanie and Lisa. These women worked as a team and put forth a lot of effort into my case. The operations manager was also helpful to me during this difficult period. DeShon Laraye Pullen, PLC has an excellent reputation and as client, I can attest that it is well deserved.”

– Amy, published on Avvo

“Exemplary Legal Service”

DeShon Pullen represented me in a Divorce Case. She has excellent interpersonal skills and I was able to build rapport and trust with her right away. In addition, she has effective communication skills with everyone she works with. I saw this over and over again throughout the months when working with the Judge, the Mediator, Opposing Counsel, and her Staff.

She understood my goals and set the course on how to obtain them. She had perseverance in my case when I felt like “throwing in the towel”. She came prepared to my Settlement Conference. She had a suitcase of documentation and even the Mediator had mentioned that he could tell she had put a lot of work into my case.

The Settlement Conference was a long, 6 hour ordeal and when Opposing Counsel tried to tear me down, DeShon was quick to come back with a compelling argument and in a logical manner. If was hard for me to “think” during this conference because I was so stressed and emotionally spent. Deshon was steadfast. She was thorough and paid attention to detail to the bitter end.

After everything was settled, the Mediator typed up the Settlement. Deshon reviewed it, and then she changed one of the items. I did not understand it at the time, but she had the foresight to see that if that item was not changed it could negatively impact me in the future. She said to me, “I want to make sure that you are going to be okay”.

It has only been a few months since the Divorce was final and today I see clearly how important it was that she changed that one item. We were almost done and then, my former spouse tried to change an item after we had already settled. It was something that was important to me.

DeShon and her assistant, Staci Maret helped me to work through this with positive results, and we still met the deadline date of filing the Divorce Decree. There were 2 other last minute revisions that occurred in my favor and I still wonder, how did they do this?

Deshon Pullen, Jennifer Raczkowski and Staci Maret…This is Amazing Team! DeShon Pullen is the Attorney that you want in your corner….Intellect, Integrity, Tenacity, and Heartfelt.”

-Former Client, published on Avvo

“Great Attorney”

Ashley has been my attorney for the last year and a half in a family court matter. Her knowledge in this area in my option is unsurpassed. She has been extremely thorough in all matters up to this point and I would highly recommend her services to anyone dealing with a family law issue. Her background in family law has been helpful and I have dealt with prior attorneys and she has set the bar really high for what an attorney is supposed to do.”

-Former client, published on Avvo

“Surpassed Expectations”

“DeShon and Team Pullen, surpassed my expectations! After 30 years of marriage, with complicated financials- DeShon effectively mediated a winning resolution. With my trial date, quickly approaching, she effectively and professionally strategized with my brilliant forensic accountant- David Cantor (Epps Forensics) to achieve financial justice, for me. DeShon is an excellent attorney! I sincerely recommend DeShon’s ethical and competent representation.”

-Rhonda, published on Avvo

“Thoughtful, Honest And Intelligent”

“Wonderful Woman in every respect of the word, and example as both a professional and a woman. Very thoughtful, honest and intelligent. DeShon is both a mother and an excellent lawyer who knows the legal world. Highly recommended.”

-Beverly, published on Avvo

“The RIGHT Choice”

“I consulted a few different attorneys as I prepared to battle over Child Support and Parenting time with my greedy ex. When I sat down with Sara she was up front and had the “gumpt” I was looking for. I had already experienced a “Yes Man” kind of attorney in my divorce as well as hearing the same from the other attorneys I consulted (interviewed) for this situation. Sara told me how things are according to the law even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I think she thought we started off on the wrong foot, but in my eyes it was her honesty and forthright that made my decision the in retaining her the RIGHT CHOICE!”

“Throughout the ordeal Sara listened to me and respected my decisions even if they went against her advice. Sara knew that I had my kid’s best interest in mind the entire time which made us have one thing in common right from the get go.

Sara was professional, relentless, aggressive, factual, and fearless as she battled my ex’s “Big Named” attorney who tried to strong arm us with threats of lies about me being arrears among other things. Sara stuck to the actual facts of the case and low and behold that “Big Named” attorney had to withdraw from the case so my ex had to get another attorney.

Sara once again was very professional in dealing with the new opposing attorney who wanted to wrap things up as soon as possible with all of the evidence that came out during the process. She stayed on top of things and kept him accountable and even called him out when it seemed like they were sitting on action items they had.

Overall, I was very happy with the service I received from Sara and her team… Jessica, Lisa, etc… Going through something that didn’t even have to happen but for a greedy, lying ex who did not even listen to what the kids wanted was tough enough, but at least I found an attorney who had her morals together, her clients needs in the forefront and most importantly had the best interest of the kids in mind at all times.

If anything ever comes up again Sara will for sure be getting my business and if anyone ever asks for a referral for a good Family law attorney I will not hesitate to refer Sara A. Swiren b/c she is the RIGHT Choice!”

-Chris, published on Avvo