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A son taking the direct approach in pursuing child support

While children have a voice in their parents’ divorce, their “best interests” revolve around custody and visitation matters. They benefit from child support. However, strict, statutory calculations dictate the specific amount of money set aside to provide for their basic needs.

Historically, money for child support goes to the custodial parent to pay for necessities, not the children. However, a recent landmark court ruling blazed a new trail where finances necessary for post-secondary education went directly to the son of divorced parents.

Shared parenting agreements: The continuing exception to the rule

While Ward Cleaver, Mike Brady and other television fathers served as role models, their specific roles involved taking a smaller role in the lives of their children. They were sole providers, choosing to work while their wives served as caregivers.

The traditional roles of fathers, particularly those that are divorced, have evolved. More and more are taking a hands-on approach to raising their children. Yet, court-ordered child custody agreements have not kept pace.

Cryo-embryos: Marital property or the result of procreation?

Before their divorce in 2014, Mandy and Drake Brooks conceived three children through in-vitro fertilization. During the IVF process, the couple produced six additional embryos that are currently in cryo-storage.

Those embryos are a major point of contention in the Rooks’ marital dissolution. Mandy wants to preserve the embryos for possible use in the future. Her husband wants them destroyed. Their agreement with the fertility clinic explicitly states that the courts would make the decision if the spouses could not find agreement as part of their divorce.

Is Brangelina 2 in the works?

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their split in September of 2016, their fans were shocked and stunned. Stories began to emerge of their discord that led to a divorce filing. Devotees prepared themselves for the end, going through various stages of grief.

Brangelina was dead.

Blending families and the effects on parenting plans

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, and Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges have made it work so far. On the other hand, Brangelina and the Jenners failed to fare as well under the brightest of Hollywood spotlights.

Getting life back on track is important for any divorced parent moving on following a divorce. Over time, many ex-spouses choose the track of remarrying. Those new relationships often include a new spouse with children from a previous marriage or relationship.

Ten days in the life of Anthony Scaramucci

In the span of ten days, Anthony Scaramucci got a new job, immediately found himself in trouble while doing his job, and subsequently losing his job. While he was compacting in a short time what most people take an entire career to “achieve,” a personal distraction for a man who became quickly known as a distraction himself became public.

In what was already a news-filled Friday for the White House “leakers” worst enemy, a different type of leak revealed that Scaramucci’s wife was ending their marriage.

The most famous of famous divorces

One of the most famous of "celebrity divorces" actually changed the destiny of not only a famous couple, but also a royal lineage and an entire nation. The fairy tale wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Diana ended in anything but storybook fashion amidst allegations of infidelity by both husband and wife.

As the countdown to the 20th anniversary of Diana's death in a car accident grows closer to August 31, the spotlight is returning to her and her now grown children. The commemoration will also revisit the circumstances surrounding the high-profile royal divorce finalized one year before the infamous car accident.

Couples who consciously uncouple

In 2014, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin announced the end of their marriage. Amidst the celebrity divorce proclamations that occurred during that time, this separation stood out because of divorce synonym that has become common parlance today.

Conscious uncoupling.

Hot Convict in hot water

He is a man known by many times. Some call him, “Hot Mugshot Guy.” A conviction and subsequent incarceration for felony gun charges earned him the name “Hot Felon.”

Jeremy Meeks, the 34-year old “hot convict,” his other nom de plume, whose chiseled features went viral and saw him trade a prison cell for a runway, now finds himself in hot water. His face has graced countless photographs. Yet, one recent image in particular got the attention of not only his adoring followers, but also his wife.

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