Spousal Maintenance

Is Spousal Maintenance Part Of Your Divorce?

Spousal maintenance, sometimes referred to as alimony, is a complex area of family law in Arizona. Unlike the Arizona Child Support Guidelines, spousal maintenance is not generally determined by a formula. Therefore, whether alimony will be granted under the specific circumstances or the amount of alimony awarded is uncertain and within the judge's discretion.

Some of the factors considered by the judge are:

  • Whether the marriage was of duration, and one party is of an age that may preclude the possibility of gaining employment to meet his or her needs
  • Whether a party lacks sufficient property to meet his or her reasonable needs
  • Whether a party is unable to be self-sufficient through appropriate employment
  • Whether a party helped put the other through school

Either a husband or a wife can seek alimony payments. Spousal maintenance may be permanent or temporary. Temporary alimony is awarded during the pendency of the divorce process to help the lower-income spouse pay legal expenses and maintain his or her standard of living while the divorce is in process.

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