How can Arizona grandparents raise their grandchildren?


Grandparents raising their grandchildren should have a number of useful tips and resources at their disposal to better fulfill their new duties.

Sometimes, grandparents in Arizona find themselves acting as primary guardians for their grandchildren. When such a situation arises, not only should elderly people know about
grandparents’ rights, they should also gain an understanding of what it takes to raise their grandchild as if that child is their own.

Look for resources in your neighborhood

Grandparents who raise their grandchildren is becoming more prevalent. This means there is a good chance there are local resources aimed at helping grandparents who find themselves rearing children all over again. Asking about groups designed for people in your specific and unexpected situation can be a good way to start building a support group, which can be quite helpful.

Be sure all necessary documents are close at hand

Depending on how long it has been since a grandparent raised a child, there is a chance there are drastic changes to get used to, which means grandparents might not know what paperwork and documents modern parents need for their children. For instance, in addition to the child’s birth certificate, grandparents might need either divorce decrees or marriage records from the child’s parents. There might also be a need for military, citizenship or
guardianship papers from the grandparents as well as the child’s parents.

Reach out for help

It is best to find sources of help before the actual need for help arises. For grandparents, this means talking with the child’s parents, teachers, social worker(s), doctor or legal professional for advice on how they can do what is best for their grandchildren and how they can get additional help raising their grandchildren.

Know that feeling overwhelmed is normal

Grandparents who find themselves going through an unexpected round of parentage should expect to feel overwhelmed at times. It is not common to have to rear a child at an age where you should be retiring, and doing so can sometimes take a great deal of adjustment for grandparents as well as their grandchildren. Grandparents should not hesitate to reach out to their neighbors and friends when they find themselves in need of help.

Check for online resources

Depending on how technologically savvy grandparents are, they can find there are plenty of online resources available to help them. For example, the United States government, the AARP and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services all have services devoted to helping grandparents raise their grandchildren.

No matter the circumstances surrounding grandparents rearing their grandchildren in California, working with the right lawyer can make all the difference in the world. Additionally, lawyers can point grandparents in the right direction regarding doing what is best for their grandchildren.