COVID-19 & Family Law

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Our top priority remains providing excellent legal services while focusing on the health and safety of our clients and employees. We Offer telephonic appointments and/or videoconferencing as an alternative to in-office meetings. While overreacting to COVID-19 is unwarranted, under-reacting to it is potentially dangerous, especially to those of us with health challenges and elderly members of our families, workplaces and other groups. Please join us as we strive to be responsible members of the community. Stay safe.

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Family Law & COVID-19 in Arizona

Family Law Matters are Challenging Enough Without the Added Stress of COVID-19

We understand that family law matters are challenging enough without the added stress of the COVID-19 crisis. During this difficult time, let our team help you determine the best plan for your family under the current circumstances. Every family law client has a unique situation, and we pride ourselves on working with clients to come up with the best plan suited to fit the needs of each individual that we represent.

At Deshon Laraye Pullen, we continue to serve clients in Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding Maricopa County communities in various areas of family law virtually during the pandemic including:

We hope that you find our information helpful, as we are continuously updating it with current family law resources as they relate to the ever-changing coronavirus pandemic in our community.

Should you have any questions or need legal services during this time, we welcome your phone call or email any time throughout the week or even after regular business hours and during weekends throughout the crisis.

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