What To Expect At Your First Visit

Making the decision to divorce is a major life event. You probably have a lot of questions about what lies ahead, but first you have to meet with a skilled attorney who can get you there. So how can you prepare for that first meeting? No doubt you are wondering whether there are things you can say and do now to make this a successful journey.At DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, our lawyers are experienced enough to know that every divorce case is different. However, there are some universal guidelines for preparing yourself for our first meeting together.

  1. Bring honest communication. We work hard to build a relationship with you because we genuinely want to do good work for you. We want to earn your trust, which is why we have a new client development specialist. This valuable staff member is dedicated to helping you deal with keeping your life in order while you endure this process. Through hard work and honest communication, we can achieve your goals.
  2. Bring a list of written questions or concerns. A first meeting is a time where you can get to know us and we can learn some important parts of your story. We know how important it is to find a firm that meets your needs for “fit,” which is why we are happy to address some of those during our first conversation.
  3. Relevant legal documents. If you have a prenuptial agreement, documents from prior legal proceedings involving your family, legal identification documents, etc. These may help us give a better feel for your story, which can help us answer some of your questions about timelines and costs.

During our first consultation, we will give you a packet of information to take with you that will outline all the information you’ll need to gather for our next meeting. So don’t worry if you don’t have everything with you the first time we meet.

Divorce is a legal process that involves several steps, and even if you could anticipate what to expect at your first visit, new things always pop up. So be prepared for the unexpected, but don’t worry. Together, we’ve got this.

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