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For some people, child custody disagreements are simply inevitable. However, when these disagreements prevent one or both parties from adhering to the court-ordered custody arrangement, a Parenting Coordinator (PC) may be appointed by the court. Together with attorneys, counselors, social workers and other professionals, the Parenting Coordinator will help the parents work together and protect the best interests of the child or children.

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What Issues Are Addressed In Parent Coordination?

Most of our
attorneys and staff are parents. We understand the emotional strain of
high-conflict child custody cases. We also understand the stress that a
divorce and its many post-divorce issues can bring to your life. We know that the problems you are experiencing may involve logistical issues rather than just legal issues. With the help of a parenting coordinator, you can work out problems involving:

  • Visitation (time and place of exchange)
  • Day care
  • Schools
  • Holidays
  • Extracurricular fees++

In meetings with a PC, the parents freely discuss their concerns regarding the parenting plan and any options to change the plan. If the parents are unable to agree on an issue, the PC can help guide them toward a mutually acceptable resolution. Please note, the PC does not have the ability to make recommendations to the court regarding changes in parenting time or custody, but can make recommendations regarding certain parental concerns.

With guidance from a Parenting Coordinator, many parenting disputes can be fully resolved. DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC is here to assist with all your family law needs, no matter how complicated they may seem.

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