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Separation Agreements Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona, Separation Agreement Attorneys

A separation agreement is a legally binding contract between two individuals that contains many of the same characteristics as a divorce decree. The individuals remain legally married, even though they are typically physically separated.

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What Is Included In A Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement can be as broad or narrow as both parties desire and can include the following:

A separation agreement can be converted into a divorce agreement at a later date if a party elects to file for divorce. Since agreements will have already been established regarding children, support payments and property division, the transition should be relatively easy.

At DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, our family law attorneys can draft, review and negotiate separation agreements, as well as litigate any resulting disputes. Contact one of our experienced attorneys today.

Who Requests A Separation Agreement And Why?

Many people request a separation agreement. In fact, our lawyers routinely assist clients in the following situations:

  • Someone who has been in a relationship for a very long time and is not ready for a divorce, but acknowledges that a change is needed, will often request a separation agreement.
  • Someone who is covered by his or her spouse’s insurance and needs to remain legally married for insurance benefits will often request a separation agreement.
  • Couples who want to stay married but are concerned with exposure to liability by one of the parties will request a separation agreement so community property such as bank accounts can be divided and one spouse’s assets can remain protected and shielded from the other spouse’s liability exposure.
  • Couples who are not comfortable with divorce due to religious beliefs.

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Awards & Accolades

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