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At DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, we are well-aware that people in the Phoenix area have many choices when it comes to family law attorneys. We are confident that when potential clients see what we have to offer, it will become obvious why our law firm is a wise choice for a number of reasons:

    • We cultivate strong attorney-client relationships during all phases of a divorce or other family law matter.
    • We keep clients well-informed and stay accessible for questions and problems that arise along the way.
    • Attorney DeShon Laraye Pullen is a certified Phoenix family law specialist by the State Bar of Arizona.
    • We adapt our approach to each client’s unique needs and set of facts. We are equally prepared to navigate a client through collaborative law, mediation and litigation before a judge and/or jury. We believe in keeping family law matters out of the public eye whenever possible but if a case requires presentations in a courtroom, we are ready to make a strong case for each client’s positions.
  • Phoenix Divorce lawyer DeShon Laraye Pullen is proud of the outstanding job our paralegals, legal assistants and other legal staff provide. Clients can count on a seamless experience from beginning to end thanks to the skills and dedication of our entire team.

Our clients include professionals, corporate executives, middle-class workers and homemakers — young, middle-aged and mature. Short-term marriages, long-term marriages with dependent spouses and “grey divorces” all fall within the reach of our family law practice.

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We understand how important it is to feel at ease with your divorce or child custody lawyer. At DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, we never pressure anyone to hire our firm but we are confident that we may be a good fit for you. Schedule an initial consultation by calling 602-834-7005, or contacting our Phoenix office online.