Premarital And Partnership Agreements in Phoenix

Phoenix Premarital And Partnership Agreement Attorneys

A premarital agreement (also known as a prenuptial or antenuptial agreement) is a way to protect your financial interests and responsibilities before entering into a marriage. You may want to consider a prenuptial agreement if:

  • You have accumulated significant assets prior to your marriage.
  • You wish to resolve financial issues that are causing stress to you, your future spouse or your family.
  • You have financial responsibilities to another person, such as a minor child or an aging parent.

Partnership Agreements

A partnership agreement is basically a premarital agreement for two people who live together but do not intend to get married. Since there is no common-law marriage in Arizona, your unmarried partner might have no rights and no interest in your property (and vice versa) without a partnership agreement. In addition to unmarried couples, gay couples often draft partnership agreements to spell out financial arrangements before entering into a long-term relationship.

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