Prepaid, Hourly Legal Consulting Services

At DeShon Pullen & Associates, PLC, we understand how difficult it can be to choose a family law attorney, and price is an important factor in that decision. We offer prepaid, hourly legal consulting services to best serve our clients in the Phoenix area. This level of engagement provides you the comfort and reassurance of high-quality legal advice without the upfront financial obligation of a retainer.

What Is the Hourly Cost For A Lawyer Or Paralegal?

Our hourly, prepaid legal services are billed at a rate of:

  • $300 per hour for attorneys
  • $150 per hour for paralegals and assistants

So that you can understand our services and the costs you can expect, we will provide you with a copy of our services flow chart. This chart provides you information about the litigation process and estimates of the time to complete the work/documents. The estimated time is based on an average, is provided for information only, and may not be accurate in every case.

Your First Consultation

Your first consultation with an attorney at the firm will be prepaid for one hour ($300). In this meeting, the attorney will help you establish the course of action or next step in your family law case.

Other Meetings And Communication With The Firm

All communication with our firm must be scheduled in advance and prepaid in 30-minute increments. We can meet with you in person or over the phone based on your needs. To save time, it is a good idea to take notes of all your questions as they come up so that all your questions can be addressed during your scheduled time.

What If I Don’t Use The Full Hour/Time?

Our legal services are paid up front and in advance of any meeting with a member of our firm for any work completed. If you pay for a full hour and that full hour is not used, only the amount of time spent will be billed and any remaining funds will go toward future work.

Schedule An Appointment With An Attorney

To set up an initial consultation with an attorney at our firm, call us at 602-626-9552 or toll free at 800-409-0262. You can also
contact us online.