Arizona child custody changes can result from relocation

A child custody court order is often a part of a final Arizona divorce agreement when minor children are involved. This document sets out the days that a child lives with each parent. Many times the child custody agreement requires that both parents live in the same state.

When one parent decides that they wish to relocate with the child, they must typically petition the court for approval and a change to the child custody plan. Once filed, the other parent has a right to object to the request. A court will determine if the reason for relocation is legitimate and if it is in the best interests of the child. Relocation can be requested and granted in situations such as a job change or new marriage, though court approval is by no means automatic.

One father who objected to the attempt of his child’s mother to relocate has taken to the streets to try to sway the court of public opinion. Fearing that the court would not side with him in his child custody case, the father created a sign asking the public to view his YouTube video. The video details his reasons for objecting to the proposed relocation. Reports state that the video received more than 1,000 hits in one week.

Like many child custody matters, this one will be decided by the court. The father’s attempts to influence the decision of the court have gone without comment from the court, according to reports. However, like all parents in a child custody relocation case, the father has a right to express his objections to the proposed move. He is able to present a case to the court, detailing how the move might adversely affect his child. Anyone in Arizona who finds themselves in a similar situation would do well to work to gather all the facts in order to make a full presentation to the court considering any relocation request.

Source: The Oshkosh Northwestern, “Man takes custody fight to the streets of Oshkosh,” Patricia Wolff, April 10, 2012

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