What Arizona parents should consider when filing for divorce

Anytime a marriage is dissolved, there is simply more at stake than who gets the house, the car or the family pet. Divorce is a family affair, having as much or sometimes more of an effect on the children than on the parents. Arizona parents that are considering filing for divorce should take special note of child custody conditions with special attention to the age of any children.

During the closure of a marriage of any length, caring parents want what is in the best interests of the children. This should include age-appropriate encouragement and support when discussing the separation with the child. The needs and wishes of a 7-year-old child will certainly not align with those of an older teenage child of divorce.

The time will come for defining the circumstances of child support, child custody and an appropriate visitation schedule. Knowledge of Arizona legislation detailing these vital circumstances may be instrumental during emotional and tense times. Child custody and visitation should be developed with the current needs of the child, and potentially revisited if needed to adjust for age and reason.

Newly separated parents must understand the delicate nature of restructuring that goes on in the minds and lives of children. Knowing that parents are filing for divorce may push children into silence. Parents may benefit from the experience of an advocate that can encourage open communication in order to best serve all parties. Communication may be the key to success and happiness for families during a divorce.

Source: Huffington Post, “Child Custody: In Whose Best Interests?,” Ruth Bettelheim, July 23, 2012

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