A 1964 divorce turns into a 2012 wedding

We have spent a fair amount of time on this blog focusing on the issues presented for an Arizona couple contemplating divorce. While there are financial and emotional considerations that permeate the process, one obvious result of a divorce is being free to pursue other relationships and perhaps even another marriage. Occasionally, a couple that was previously divorced decides to tie the knot all over again, and that may give rise to additional legal considerations. It was recently reported that a couple who divorced some 48 years ago have decided to try all over again, to the delight of their three remaining adult “kids.”

It all started in 1944, when the pair married. They had four children together but divorced after 20 years. Both remarried to others, and one of their sons passed away. Each is now 85 years old, and they have cordially kept in touch over the years. When the man’s wife died earlier this year, he followed a daughter’s suggestion to move closer to where the rest of the family resides.

In the meantime, he had been getting closer to his ex-wife, who had also lost her own spouse earlier. Now they have decided to do it all over again, in western New York. It was not reported if either had other children or other important family relationships from their prior marriages to others. Typically, when someone with children decides to remarry, a prenuptial agreement can smooth the financial terrain. Likewise, those who marry or remarry later in life may have accumulated assets over the years that they may wish to protect for themselves or others.

It was not reported whether this reuniting couple has considered a prenuptial agreement, but the fact that they have been able to reignite the spark after such a long hiatus underscores another important aspect of divorce. Those couples who are able to achieve a settlement in a collaborative manner with a minimum of acrimony may surprise themselves. As the bride to be explained on Arizona Public Radio, you never really know what tomorrow may bring.

Source: KNAU Arizona Public Radio, “48 Years After Divorce, Couple Is Giving Marriage Another Shot,” Mark Memmott, Aug. 2, 2012

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