Arizona divorce and drinking: Which sex imbibes more?

Men drink more alcohol than women, which is perhaps not all that startling a statistic. But a recent study compared the alcohol use of men and women during marriage and after divorce. One conclusion is that men drink less when they are married while women drink more than their single counterparts.

When a divorce occurs in Arizona and across the nation, it appears that men resort to drinking more than women. This is thought to be due to several factors. First, it is felt that marriage tames men to some extent when it comes to drinking alcohol. Free of that, many indulge more when they are single. On the other hand, women are said to drink more while they are married primarily because their spouses drink more.

The hard truth is that men drink more and are more prone to an alcohol problem. For some, this may be especially true following a divorce. Prior studies are said to have reached similar conclusions. Indeed, another study even documented that married couples tend to eat healthier foods than non-married individuals.

An Arizona divorce affects different people in different ways. Just because a marriage ends does not mean that an individual is going to drown their sorrows in alcohol. At the same time, it is perhaps worthwhile to understand the significance of these studies, and the potential impact of a change in marital status. The findings may help those approaching divorce to deal with the negotiations and their aftermath with an understanding of the underlying influences in play as they plan their new lives apart.

Source: Huffington Post, “Drinking After Divorce: Men Are More Likely Than Women To Turn To Drinking After Split, Study Suggests,” Aug. 23, 2012

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