Deion Sanders divorce: Battle continues over money, prenup

Arizona readers likely know that “Neon Deion” Sanders and his estranged wife Pilar continue to make headlines in their divorce. The former NFL great and Hall of Fame member was back in court for a child support hearing recently. Previously, a judge presiding over the divorce proceedings had set monthly child support at $10,000, even though Deion was granted temporary custody of the two boys.

For her part, Pilar is proceeding on several legal fronts. In addition to seeking enforcement of the court’s previous temporary child support order, she is reportedly seeking to have the prenuptial agreement between the couple declared invalid. Further, her attorneys indicated she was asking to have the 13 year marriage annulled and the accumulated assets declared to be community property.

Pilar asserted that Deion was behind on child support payments by close to $50,000. Deion, on the other hand, argued the existing child support order is excessive and requested a modification. He noted that he had been paying $4500 per month faithfully. After listening to the arguments of the parties, the judge reduced the monthly obligation to $5,500 and continued the order for Deion’s temporary custody of the kids. A subsequent hearing on the child support matter was scheduled for Jan. 9.

The ongoing divorce proceedings show no signs of letting up. While there was no word concerning what arrangements, if any, were made for Deion’s payment of any claimed back due child support, he is likely gratified by the court’s decision to lower the monthly amount. As this case moves forward, Pilar seems clearly focused on attempting to avoid enforcement of the terms contained in the prenuptial agreement. It remains to be seen how the court will decide those issues, but the litigation simply underscores the importance for Arizona residents of seeking professional assistance when it comes to drafting and executing pre or postnuptial agreements.

Source:, “Deion Sanders’ Child Support Reduced,” Randy McIlwain, Dec. 19, 2012

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