How to bring up divorce when your spouse doesn’t want one

Deciding to get a divorce can be very difficult, with many people struggling with their emotions when finally saying that their marriage is over. Most spouses do not have the same feelings regarding their relationship and if they should get divorced. This can make divorce more complicated, especially when one spouse wants to get a divorce and the other spouse wants to stay together.

What can spouses do when they want a divorce but fear that their significant other doesn’t want to end the marriage? There are a few ways spouses can try to approach the topic of divorce with their husband or wife but before bringing up the dreaded “D” word, there are a few issues to become familiar with to make the divorce process easier for both you and your spouse.

The first thing individuals who want to get divorced should do is learn about Arizona’s laws regarding divorce and what the divorce process will entail. Find a divorce attorney to understand the process and what specific steps to take. In addition, individuals should educate themselves about their finances as well as how the living arrangements will be made once the divorce process starts.

Next, spouses should bring up their desire to get a divorce in a direct but respectful manner. Many spouses are shocked or angry when their husband or wife says they want a divorce, which is why it is important to take a gentle and mature approach when telling your spouse that you want a divorce. While this step will not be easy, finally telling your spouse that you want a divorce should lift some weight of your shoulders and help you continue to the next steps in the divorce process.

If your spouse does not react well to the news of getting a divorce, you should not be shocked. However, if your spouse seems to forget that the entire conversation happened or things are not progressing in the divorce process, it may be best to contact your divorce attorney to discuss what to do to get things moving along for the sake of everyone involved in the divorce.

Telling your spouse you want a divorce is never an easy thing to do, but following these tips can help make the situation easier for everyone involved.

Source: Huffington Post, “How to Bring up Divorce When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want One,” Alison Heller, June 11, 2013

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