Tips for parents moving out of the house after divorce

Parents going through divorce face many challenges throughout the divorce process and after the divorce has been finalized. Deciding child custody arrangements and figuring out to successfully co-parent can be a complex, difficult time for many parents.

While there are several challenges parents face after divorce, one of the hardest times for many divorced couples is when one spouse moves out of the family home. This can be an emotional day for everyone so it is important for parents to understand the impact it may have on their children and take steps to make sure their children feel secure and loved during this transition.

Having one parent move out of the house can be difficult for both parents and children. However, some kids may have a more difficult time dealing with their parent’s divorceafter one parent has started living somewhere else.

What can parents do to ease the pain and fear their children may have during this time? There are several ways parents can help their children transition after one parent has moved out of the house.

One of the best ways to help children cope with the new living arrangements is to keep children informed of what is going on and limit surprises. Tell the children when one spouse is moving out and how their own living arrangements will be affected by this.

Parents who have younger children will want to make real estate decisions on their own to keep kids from being stressed out by picking out a new home. It may be better to pick out the new home without the kids and let them pick their rooms and decor after moving in. Remember to bring important items with you to the new house, including family photos and toys to make the space familiar to the children.

Take time having kids transition to living in both houses and make sure they feel comfortable staying overnight in the new place before forcing them to spend the night. It is also beneficial to try to be consistent with schedules like mealtime and bedtime as well as chores. This should make it easier for children because they won’t have to worry about remembering a set a rules for each house.

Moving out the house is never easy but taking these steps can help reduce the stress and anxiety you and your children may have.

Source: Huffington Post, “When a Parent Moves Out: 13 Tips to Ease the Pain,” Kate Scharff, July 8, 2013

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