Hip-hop star Usher keeps custody after son’s pool accident

Divorce can turn into a stressful situation for both parties involved, including any children the couple may have together. Divorce is an ordinary event for Arizona residents just as it is across the country. Regardless of income or societal status, divorce can be a necessity for any couple.

When Arizona parents get divorced, child custody often becomes the primary issue. Once an arrangement is reached, parents are expected to abide by it. Some circumstances, however, may warrant a change in child custody. An example of a situation that may be grounds for a child custody change recently occurred in court between hip-hop artist Usher and his ex-wife.

One of Usher’s sons fell to the bottom of a pool at his home in Atlanta and became stuck in the drain, according to a police report. His aunt and a housekeeper tried unsuccessfully to free him. A contractor doing work at the home pulled the boy from the pool and performed CPR. He was taken to a hospital, where he is still recovering. Fortunately, he survived, but the incident has sparked a heated debate over custody.

After hearing both sides of the case, a judge dismissed an emergency motion filed by Usher’s ex-wife seeking temporary custody of their two young sons following the accident. Usher will hold on to primary custody of his two children.

Before the accident, Usher’s ex-wife had filed for a custody change in May. Since the case still hadn’t been heard, she filed an emergency hearing immediately after the pool incident. The pool accident comes nearly a year after Usher’s stepson died from injuries he suffered in a jet ski mishap.

Arizona residents facing child custody issues should not feel overwhelmed. There are family legal professionals who can help in making the process a more peaceful, smooth transition. It is important for those facing child custody issues to seek answers and make sure their rights are protected. Ultimately, though, a judge must make a decision that is in the best interests of the child, not their parents. The same is true in any Arizona custody case.

Source:  myfoxphoenix.com, “Usher retains custody despite son’s near-drowning” Sadie Gennis, Aug. 12, 2013

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