Should marriages be wedleases?

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one. It is commonly known that divorce is one of life’s most stressful events, especially when children are involved. If you are thinking about a divorce you most probably will want to know how this decision will impact your life, your finances, the lives of any children you may have, and more. In Arizona, you do not have to prove someone is at fault (caused the divorce) to get a divorce.

Arizona public radio station KNAU recently broadcast a segment of the NPR public radio show Tell Me More, interviewing Florida lawyer Paul Rampell about his idea of “wedleases.” Rampell suggests that a wedlease would avoid the chaos of a divorce.

Rampell explains that a wedlease is a mix of the words wedlock and lease. He says that a wedlease would be a written contract where two people commit themselves to a marriage for a period of a certain number of years. The couple could choose any number of years. According to Rampell, this marital lease can be redrawn at the end of the period, as many times as the couple would like. The wedlease could endure decades if the relationship is strong. If the relationship isn’t going well, the couple can go in different directions at the end of the period they’ve signed on for. He likens the process to renting an apartment.

To make matters clear, though, Rampell is not proposing that wedleases replace traditional marriages. He’s just suggesting they be an option.

Divorce is never easy for either spouse, but when you combine a divorce with property disputes, spousal support and other factors, sometimes the entire process can become overwhelming. It is prudent for any person facing divorce to find an attorney experienced in and who fully understands and will address the difficult issues that arise. Divorce laws are different among counties and states. Arizona divorce attorneys will be able to guide you toward a satisfactory resolution to this personal and legal matter.

Source:, “Would Some Marriages Be Better If Couples Signed ‘Wedleases’?” Mark Memmott, Aug. 13, 2013

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