R. Kelly could be in jail if he misses child support hearing

R. Kelly, a Grammy award winning R&B singer, could be facing jail time if he doesn’t appear in court for a child support and child custody hearing. Kelly’s ex-wife has reportedly filed a motion with the court alleging that he has failed to pay child support. The total owed was not in news reports; however, his payments are currently set at $20,833 each month. That’s for the three children he and his ex-wife have together..

Kelly isn’t new to allegations like these. Last year, he was reportedly behind on his child support payments, owing over $100,000. That debt was apparently paid. However, there is allegedly a debt of several thousands of dollars due to Kelly’s legal team. In addition, there are reports that the singer owes several people who helped create his last album, “Black Panties,” which hit the Billboard chart at No. 4.

The singer has gone “underground” and is “unreachable.” His legal team hasn’t heard from him and there is talk that the firm may drop him as a client. The attorneys’ withdrawal from Kelly’s current child custody and child support case could cause him serious problems. The time that Kelly faces in jail could be as long as six months, according to one of his attorneys. The judge was apparently not pleased that he missed the last court date in November of last year.

Child support and custody cases are often complex. However, there aren’t a lot of people that are ordered to pay as much as Kelly is each month. That doesn’t change the fact that some noncustodial parents may have a difficult time paying their child support. Child support modification hearings can help those who want to seek more support from the other parent or may provide a means of lowering support payments. An experienced Maricopa County family law attorney may provide more information about these hearings, including your rights and responsibilities.

Source: New York Post, “R. Kelly could be jailed if he misses court” Ian Mohr, Feb. 18, 2014

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