What to know about choosing a covenant marriage: Part II

In last week’s blog post we brought up the topic of covenant marriages in Arizona. While we realize that some of our readers were already well aware of what covenant marriages were, we realized that there were some readers that might not have been as familiar with the topic. That’s why in this week’s post we wanted to focus on the second part of this topic: the reasons that can be cited in a covenant marriage divorce.

If you read last week’s post then you know that there are specific limitations when it comes to divorce in a covenant marriage. According to Section 25-903 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, there are eight acceptable reasons that must be proven in court before the dissolution of a covenant marriage will be granted. They are:

1. If a spouse has committed adultery.

2. If a spouse has committed a serious crime and has been sentenced to imprisonment or death.

3. If a spouse has been absent or has abandoned the marital home for at least one year.

4. If a spouse has sexually abused the other spouse, child or relative, or committed domestic violence or emotional abuse.

5. If the couple is living separate and considered apart for at least two years.

6. If a legal separation has already been granted and the couple has been living separate and apart for at least one year.

7. If a spouse has a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

8. If both spouses agree to a divorce.

It’s important for our Phoenix readers to remember that not every situation is exactly the same, meaning not everyone may have a reason that exactly matches these eight. Although the law has accounted for this by including some exceptions, couples may still want to speak with a skilled lawyer about their own situation, especially because of the complex litigation that could follow if they don’t.

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