Claims of child neglect could affect two child custody cases

Fans of the talk show “The View” can probably think of a lot of ways to describe host Sherri Shepherd but ‘neglectful’ probably isn’t among those terms. But this exactly how her ex-husband described her in his request for full custody of the couple’s 9-year-old son. And it’s because of this scathing accusation that she could face problems with her estranged husband as well.

According to Shepherd’s ex-husband Jeff Tarpley, their son’s hygiene and education are suffering because of the television host’s busy schedule. He claims that his ex-wife is neglectful of their son, who has special needs, because she leaves him in the “care of unfit nannies.” These accusations are the basis for his request for full custody. Although Shepherd has fired back against these accusations by calling her ex-husband an absent father, a resolution for this child custody dispute will not come until a family law judge decides on the issue.

An unfavorable decision though could complicate legal matters for Shepherd who is also facing a child custody battle with her estranged husband as well. Reports indicate that Lamar Sally, Shepherd’s current husband, has not only filed for separation but is also requesting full custody of the couple’s unborn child. Although it’s unclear why Sally has requested full custody, it’s possible that any decision made in the first child custody case could have some affect on this one.

If a family law judge finds truth to Tarpley’s claims then Shepherd could lose custody of her two children. If this happens, then Shepherd may be forced to pay child support to both men. But if there is no truth to these accusations then custody arrangements could remain the same. Unfortunately, because the first case is not set to appear in court until July 21, our readers will have to see what affect this first case has on the other and whether Shepherd will lose custody of her children or not.

Source: The Liberty Voice, “Sherri Shepherd Divorce Drama Gets Real,” Hal Banfield, May 18, 2014

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