The custody decision that was three years in the making

As you may already know, some child custody cases seem to drag on forever. This is usually due to everything from court delays to contentious disputes over the finer details of a custody agreement. But in some cases, arrangements can take longer than expected because parents want to make sure that the arrangement is in the best interest of the children.

This very well could have been the case for singers Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez who finally saw their child custody case finalized this month. As some of our Arizona readers may know, the couple separated in July 2011 and then divorced in April 2012. But just like a majority of divorcing couples, Anthony and Lopez needed to decide what was in their children’s best interest, which was a discussion that was three years in the making.

According to reports, Anthony will get the couple’s two 6-year-old twins seven days out of every month while Lopez will get the children the remainder of the time. A joint custody arrangement such as this will give them an opportunity to both be a part of their children’s lives, which is now being considered the better option in most child custody cases across the nation.

The couple also agreed to do whatever it takes to protect the children from reporters and paparazzi. The fact that the couple recognized the need to limit the children’s exposure to the public eye showed that they understood what was in the children’s best interest, explained the judge in his decision.

While this particular situation does not exemplify a typical child custody case for our readers, it does show how some cases can take longer than others and why this could be. Because as we’re sure you’re already aware, not everyone’s situation is the same, meaning not all cases will resolve at the same time either.

Source: Fox News Latino, “JLo, Marc Anthony’s Divorce: No Child Support And Kids Shielded From Press,” June 19, 2014

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