Delinquent child support and social media

The enforcement of child support obligations is taken seriously in Arizona and around the country. Hiding income and discussing it on social media can lead to financial consequences with the courts that ordered payment arrangements.

Two parents avoiding child support payments recently discovered that what they shared on social media sites was being seen by others who may have objected to their large purchases and claims of wealth, while they gave little to the needs of their children. One person bragged about a new recording studio purchased, with child support going unpaid. Another parent was in the habit of posting pictures with wads of cash while paying only $100 of the court-ordered child support. In both situations, the parents are facing charges related to their failure to meet their obligations.

In one case, a child with leukemia and in need of money for medical costs has received a total of $189 in his lifetime though he is more than 3 years old. He has endured numerous spinal taps and treatments, while the parent who fails to support him discusses the money he makes on a personal social media page. An assistant district attorney in Wisconsin reports that these social media posts and pictures can be used as evidence against the parent who does not support a child. The individual is now facing charges for failure to pay child support, which is a felony charge in this case.

When child support has been ordered by the court it is important that it is paid. There are situations where a person is legitimately unable to meet the required obligations due to a change in financial circumstances caused by a job loss or medical emergency. In those cases, a family law attorney may be able to obtain a modification of an existing child support order.

Source: Opposing Views, “Fathers Face Charges For Avoiding Child Support, Bragging About Money On Facebook “, Sarah Fruchtnicht, July 17, 2014

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