Illinois billionaire files for divorce

Arizona residents may interested in the story of an Illinois billionaire who filed for a divorce after 11 years of marriage over the summer. His wife was reportedly taking her children on vacation when she learned of his request. On Sept. 2, she responded by filing for custody of the couple’s children and requested permission to move out of the state.

In the documents filed in Cook County, the wife argues that the prenuptial agreement, which she signed the day before they were married, was coerced. She also asserts that he left the family home in Feb. 2012 and neglected to spend time with the children during that separation.

The main point of contention seemingly revolves around finances. The wife explained that three days before their marriage, she and her future husband had an intense argument that led to the man acting out in anger. He suggested that the two get counseling, and she agreed. However, unbeknownst to the woman, the counselor with whom he made the appointment was his psychologist. The wife reports that during the counseling session, the psychologist recommended that she sign the prenuptial agreement. She complied but did not learn of her husband’s relationship with the doctor until after the session. She now claims that the document should be declared invalid.

In divorce cases which child custody is at issue, courts must decide whether it would be in the best interest of the youngsters for both parents to share physical custody or to allow one parent to have sole physical custody. Another option would be to grant joint legal custody. Also, when one party contests the validity of a prenuptial agreement, the court must decide on that matter as well.

Source: CNBC, “Anne Griffin Seeks to Void Prenuptial Agreement With Ken Griffin“, Michael J. de la Merced, September 03, 2014

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