Differences Between Collaborative Divorce And Mediation: Part 2

Last week, we discussed three differences between mediation and collaborative divorce. We will finish that discussion with an additional way these methods differ.

Difference #4: When The Playing Field Isn’t Level

In collaborative divorce, each spouse and his or her attorney are trying to pull together to reach amicable agreements. This can be especially helpful when one of the spouses is a businessperson or financial expert and the other has little experience or knowledge in those areas. As we discussed in difference #3, outside specialists can also help level the playing field.

In mediation, if there is a sizable imbalance of power it is not quite as easy to fix. The mediator will do his or her best to help the parties negotiate.

A Skilled Attorney Can Help Guide You

An experienced lawyer can help you determine what process is the best for your situation but be aware: Many Arizona family law attorneys have not received advanced training in mediation and/or collaborative divorce. A lawyer’s background may influence the recommendations she or he makes to you. If you are interested in alternatives to divorce litigation, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney who has formal training in all major areas of alternative divorce resolution.

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