This Is The Client Satisfaction That Drives Us

For those who aren’t familiar with DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, we are a cohesive group of family law attorneys passionate about getting our clients the best possible outcome. Making a positive impact in clients’ lives is what matters most.

A former client recently wrote a glowing review about partnering with attorney DeShon L. Pullen. You can read it below or see it on Avvo, along with other reviews.

“DeShon Pullen represented me in a Divorce Case. She has excellent interpersonal skills and I was able to build rapport and trust with her right away. In addition, she has effective communication skills with everyone she works with. I saw this over and over again throughout the months when working with the Judge, the Mediator, Opposing Counsel, and her Staff.”

The review continues…

“She understood my goals and set the course on how to obtain them. She had perseverance in my case when I felt like “throwing in the towel”. She came prepared to my Settlement Conference. She had a suitcase of documentation and even the Mediator had mentioned that he could tell she had put a lot of work into my case.

The Settlement Conference was a long, 6 hour ordeal and when Opposing Counsel tried to tear me down, DeShon was quick to come back with a compelling argument and in a logical manner. If was hard for me to “think” during this conference because I was so stressed and emotionally spent. Deshon was steadfast. She was thorough and paid attention to detail to the bitter end.

After everything was settled, the Mediator typed up the Settlement. Deshon reviewed it, and then she changed one of the items. I did not understand it at the time, but she had the foresight to see that if that item was not changed it could negatively impact me in the future. She said to me, “I want to make sure that you are going to be okay”.

It has only been a few months since the Divorce was final and today I see clearly how important it was that she changed that one item. We were almost done and then, my former spouse tried to change an item after we had already settled. It was something that was important to me.

DeShon and her assistant, Staci Maret helped me to work through this with positive results, and we still met the deadline date of filing the Divorce Decree. There were 2 other last minute revisions that occurred in my favor and I still wonder, how did they do this?

Deshon Pullen, Jennifer Raczkowski and Staci Maret …This is Amazing Team! DeShon Pullen is the Attorney that you want in your corner….Intellect, Integrity, Tenacity, and Heartfelt.”

-Former Client

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