‘Brilliant – The Best!’ A Client Shares Her Experience

A big reason our attorneys and staff work in this field is because we are passionate about helping our clients through their challenging times. It is wonderful to see relief or happiness on our clients’ faces when we guide them through the final steps of their proceeding.

Below is a review from one of Ashley Rahaman’s clients. If you would like to see other reviews, visit Ashley’s Avvo page.

“The only bright side to my divorce, after 27 years of marriage, was retaining Ashley Rahaman to represent me. For all those going through the frightening and painful process of divorce, Ashley has extensive legal knowledge as well as the ability to empathize with her clients. Also, another plus was the reasonable pricing. I interviewed a few well known lawyers before asking Ashley to represent me.”

The wonderful testimonial continues…

“My husband and I had been discussing divorce and trying to resolve our differences with a mediator. In November 2014, I retained DeShon Laraye Pullen, PLC, specifically Ashley B. Rahaman, to prepare, file, and serve my husband with divorce proceeding paperwork as our private negotiations with each other were going nowhere. After the paperwork was filed and my husband was served we began the daunting task of gathering all of my financial documents to produce to my husband.”

“In March 2015, we attended a resolution management conference where a trial was set for May 2015. Adamant not to litigate this matter I agreed to use the services of a private mediator. We attended mediation in April 2015. During mediation we settled all of our differences and came to an agreement. However, just shortly after mediation my husband decided he was unhappy with the settlement and began challenging it. Ashley wasted no time and lodged the Decree of Dissolution, which was challenged by my husband. The Court took the matter under advisement and signed my form of Decree.”

“This process may sound as though this was a simple open and shut case but it turned into an extremely spiteful situation. While there is a lot of anger in divorce situations, I perceived that my ex husband would have tossed me on the street if possible and not looked back. Ashley reassured me of my rights and I felt confident with her advice. She was realistic and was pretty straightforward with what I might expect from the outcome. She was dead right in her opinions. She had much higher expectations than me and I was awarded much more than I expected.”

“Another attorney on this site commented on Ashley’s compassion for her clients. Though my husband and I had accumulated assets, there certainly were not millions involved in our property settlement that caused her to be so diligent. She simply really cares about her clients. There is so little I can say that does justice in describing her legal expertise and character. I had more than a few professional people look over my divorce paperwork and all of them commented on her skills. Lastly, I would be remiss in failing to mention Ashley’s legal staff, Stephanie and Lisa. These women worked as a team and put forth a lot of effort into my case. The operations manager, Kim, was also helpful to me during this difficult period. DeShon Laraye Pullen, PLC has an excellent reputation and as client, I can attest that it is well deserved.”

– Amy, former client

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