‘The RIGHT Choice’ Says Former Client Of Sara Swiren

Our law firm keeps clients coming in by providing outstanding representation and letting our clients share their experience with friends, family and coworkers. One of Sara Swiren’s former clients recently wrote a 5-star review of her experience on Avvo. It exemplifies everything our firm strives to give our clients!

“I consulted a few different attorneys as I prepared to battle over Child Support and Parenting time with my greedy ex. When I sat down with Sara she was up front and had the “gumpt” I was looking for. I had already experienced a “Yes Man” kind of attorney in my divorce as well as hearing the same from the other attorneys I consulted (interviewed) for this situation. Sara told me how things are according to the law even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I think she thought we started off on the wrong foot, but in my eyes it was her honesty and forthright that made my decision the in retaining her the RIGHT CHOICE!”

The review continues…

“Throughout the ordeal Sara listened to me and respected my decisions even if they went against her advice. Sara knew that I had my kid’s best interest in mind the entire time which made us have one thing in common right from the get go.

Sara was professional, relentless, aggressive, factual, and fearless as she battled my ex’s “Big Named” attorney who tried to strong arm us with threats of lies about me being arrears among other things. Sara stuck to the actual facts of the case and low and behold that “Big Named” attorney had to withdraw from the case so my ex had to get another attorney.


Sara once again was very professional in dealing with the new opposing attorney who wanted to wrap things up as soon as possible with all of the evidence that came out during the process. She stayed on top of things and kept him accountable and even called him out when it seemed like they were sitting on action items they had.


Overall, I was very happy with the service I received from Sara and her team… Jessica, Lisa, Kim,etc… Going through something that didn’t even have to happen but for a greedy, lying ex who did not even listen to what the kids wanted was tough enough, but at least I found an attorney who had her morals together, her clients needs in the forefront and most importantly had the best interest of the kids in mind at all times.


If anything ever comes up again Sara will for sure be getting my business and if anyone ever asks for a referral for a good Family law attorney I will not hesitate to refer Sara A. Swiren b/c she is the RIGHT Choice!”

Chris, former client

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