7 Tips To Help You Bounce Back After A Divorce

While there is no single solution for helping you through the healing process after divorce, there are many great ideas to assist the transition into this new phase of your life. We are sharing some of our favorites, below. If there is something you found particularly helpful in bouncing back from your divorce, consider sharing it!

1) It is okay to grieve. You are dealing with a tremendous loss and it is okay to mourn. Accept your feelings, but try to not to dwell on mistakes you made during marriage or what you could have done differently.

2) Love yourself. Appreciate who you are. If you are hung up on choices you made in the past, understand that those decisions were simply decisions. They do not define who you are and what your qualities are.

3) Let yourself process. Meet with a therapist or spiritual advisor who is specifically trained to help people through divorce. This may push your comfort zone at first, but it is important because your feelings will come out eventually. It’s healthiest that you help control when and where.

4) Try new things. You probably sacrificed some interests during your marriage, now is the perfect time to explore them. Whether it is a career move, sport, activity or hairstyle, enjoying new things can help you through this time.

5) Embrace new roles. You might have to do things your ex-spouse used to do, like setting your budget or cooking meals. These new roles can be empowering. Remember to be patient with yourself while learning them.

6) Being single is okay. You do not have to rush into finding a new significant other, regardless of what others might tell you. Embrace the pros of being single.

7) Meet people outside of “your type”. Maybe you have always been attracted to a certain type of people (e.g. musicians or doctors)? Now is the perfect time for meeting or dating a wider variety of people.

What is the thing that is helping – or helped – you through divorce?

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