Paralegal Alison Kekic Joins DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC

Paralegal Alison Kekic at DeShon Laraye Pullen PLCAlison Kekic comes to DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC by way of Ohio, entering the Paralegal Studies program at Cuyahoga Community College, and thereafter earning her bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 2002 at the University of Akron.

Though she remains an Ohio sports fan, Alison prefers the sunnier climate of Arizona, and relocated here in 2013, bringing with her more than 15 years of legal experience as a paralegal.

At DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, Alison works as paralegal to attorney Ashley Rahaman, helping serve Ms. Rahaman’s divorce and family law clients.

Alison’s future aspiration is to become a family law attorney. To that end, Alison fits right in with everyone at DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, where we work to improve and educate ourselves, so that ultimately we can improve the lives of our clients.

Please join us in welcoming Alison Kekic to DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC!

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