There’s More to Love About December

Beautiful December in Arizona

There’s plenty to love about October (as we wrote then), but there’s more to love about December. It might be cooler, depending on where you live – it’s 51 in Phoenix at the moment – but we’ll take that over some of our 100+ degree days.

Here are some of the biggest reasons to love December (some more obvious than others):

Holidays: Of course, we have to reference the holidays, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or one of many others this month. December is a sacred month for people who profess faith in several major world religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam.

World AIDS Day: Asking us to #RethinkHIV, the mission of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1 is to debunk common myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS, and to help continue the fight against the disease. People living with HIV who are on effective treatment, for example, can look forward to a normal life expectancy. HIV is not a death sentence.

International Volunteer Day: IVD 2015, according to, starts a dialogue about how volunteerism is vital to the success of #GlobalGoals. Volunteering matters. Just ask DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC family law attorneys Sara Swiren and Ashley Rahaman.

Human Rights Day: Human Rights Day 2015 took place on Dec. 10. It commemorates the day the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, shortly after the Second World War. The Declaration advocates fundamental freedoms, such as the freedom of speech.

Zoo Lights: For those of you who love lights this time of the year, this year’s Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo features 3D light sculptures (stingrays, flowers, tiger) on top of the millions of light bulbs that make up the zoo’s annual display.

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