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Our Former Employee Talks ‘1Lofayear’ in Law School

As May draws to a close, the school year has come to an end for most law school students, including Asha Vora, DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC’s former litigation coordinator. As we discussed back in January, Asha began law school last fall, and she just completed her first year.

We recently asked Asha to reflect on her experiences as a first-year law student. Here is what she wrote:

“The phrase commonly used amongst my fellow classmates this last year was ‘1Lofayear,’ and my, what a year it’s been. Although my first year of law school is officially behind me and school technically ended May 13, 2016, it was not until Memorial Day weekend that I truly felt a break. A break since August. Since August, there has always been something preoccupying my mind, more so, something I feel I should be doing. If I wasn’t reading or writing for class during a spare moment, I felt guilty. If I enjoyed a glass of wine, it was after “earning” it via completion of school work.”

“Law school is a fast paced environment, requiring the mastery of multitasking. Thanks to my days working for DeShon, time management is one of my biggest strengths and served me well.

We are proud of Asha’s hard work, and glad that lessons she learned at our firm contributed to a successful first year. Good time management is a big reason we are able to serve our clients efficiently and effectively.

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