Employee & Genius Of The Month (May)

Attorney Ashley B. Rahaman - Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month: Ashley B. Rahaman

Ashley B. Rahaman is one of our attorneys, and has been practicing law in Arizona since 2010. Among the reasons Ashley’s colleagues voted for her was for her mentorship of co-workers, her ability to handle a heavy workload, and the dedication she shows to her clients.

Staci Maret - Genius of the Month of May

Genius of the Month: Staci Maret

Staci Maret is a certified paralegal who works closely with DeShon L. Pullen. We are awarding her Genius of the Month for her work solving a problem at our firm keeping track of our employees’ continuing legal education (CLE) attendance.

Congratulations to Ashley and Staci for their awards! They are terrific examples of the type of people who work at our firm.


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