Friend Of The Firm’s Article Published In Legal Magazine

It is always a pleasure to see a respected friend and colleague instructing fellow Arizona attorneys in the law. So we at DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC were so excited to see that personal injury attorney Mark A. Raczkowski had a fascinating article published in the most recent issue of Advocate, the magazine of the Arizona Association for Justice. Besides being an excellent lawyer, Mark just so happens to be married to our own Jennifer M. Raczkowski.

The article has to do with preparing a case involving premises liability, more commonly known as slip and fall accidents. Specifically, Mark advises personal injury attorneys how to prepare their clients — and themselves — for the deposition. With Mark’s tips, a personal injury lawyer will be able to help his or her client answer questions during the deposition clearly, honestly and in a way that helps their case the most.

We are always glad to recognize the achievements and good work of other Phoenix-area attorneys. If you ever need a lawyer to help you with a difficult situation, make sure that the one you choose has the passion and experience you need to reach as good of a resolution as possible.

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