Employee Of The Month (October)

Attorney DeShon L. Pullen (Founding Partner)

For our Employee of the Month for October, DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC is recognizing a very special person: founding partner DeShon L. Pullen.

It almost goes without saying that DeShon is the reason we work so hard on behalf of our clients. As a brilliant family law attorney, she inspires everyone at the firm to do our best every day to resolve our clients’ cases favorably. Despite being very busy most of the time, DeShon is always positive, patient and approachable.

Even more than that, DeShon genuinely cares about each and every client who comes through the door. Her clients feel that they have an attorney who understands how difficult it is to go through divorce and other family law conflicts. “She has excellent interpersonal skills and I was able to build rapport and trust with her right away,” one client said.

As her employees, we appreciate DeShon’s warmth and thoughtfulness as a boss. DeShon cares about our well-being, our careers and our clients more than herself. She builds personal relationships with each of us, and treats everybody fairly. We are so fortunate to have a lead partner who is a friend as well as a leader.

As the attorneys and staff of DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, we want to thank DeShon for everything she does for us and our clients.

Here is what DeShon’s employees and clients have to say about her:


“She has been killing it… despite not feeling well and a ton of punches being thrown her way. We as ’employees’ should acknowledge her contribution!”

“I feel very fortunate to be here.”

“DeShon cares about our well being, our careers and our clients more than herself.”

“DeShon is a very fair person… not only to her employees but to her clients as well.”

“There isn’t another boss around that takes care of and cares for her employees more than DeShon.”

“She truly cares about each of us and builds a personal relationship with her staff.”

“I will never forget that she put together a bachelorette party turned bridal shower… It was absolutely beautiful and an evening I will always cherish. This woman is beautiful inside and out and is one in a million.”

“I have so many things that I can share with you –
DeShon is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Attorney! I can contest to that since she represented me. I saw her intellectual ability in the court room.”

“DeShon has patience and calmness that I look up to.

“DeShon is the most positive person, she never lets anything negative change her values.

“DeShon never talks down to anyone.

“DeShon works as hard as anyone that works for her – even when she is on vacation or away from the offices.

“DeShon is articulate and when she makes up her mind there is no stopping her.

“DeShon cares about everyone that works for her and her clients.

“DeShon never makes anyone feel that they can’t talk to her at any time.

“DeShon gives everyone a chance to perform to their best abilities.

“DeShon is a model of perseverance and dedication to continue education and bettering yourself.

“DeShon is my Hero for being a Genuine Person.”

“I seriously could go on and on. I am proud to work for such an amazing person, attorney and boss.”

“Thank you DeShon for giving me a chance to grow as a person and employee.”

“DeShon is the reason I have a career in Family Law. Shortly before fate brought us together, I was seriously considering leaving family law. I had been doing it for a few years at a few different firms, but it didn’t feel like the right fit for me. It turns out, that it wasn’t family law that didn’t fit, I just needed the right firm and the right place to truly come into my own as a litigator. From the very beginning, DeShon saw in me what I didn’t see, which was a competent, smart litigator. Over the last two (plus) years here, she has helped me develop my skills in litigation, as well as my confidence as a litigator.

“She has created a work atmosphere with smart and dedicated individuals, all of whom I admire – her, most of all. I enjoy coming to work and I love that this group of smart, funny, sassy individuals, that DeShon has hand selected have become more than my colleagues, but also my friends. She brings out the best in people and has certainly brought out the best in me.”

“I have watched the Firm grow and expand over the years. Our relationship is based on hard work, dedication, loyalty. I consider DeShon to be a friend as well as a client. I know her children, mom, dad, and she has called me family. I very much appreciate my relationship with DeShon and the Firm, and they remain a huge part of my life. Keep up the good work DLP – I love you,”

“To say that DeShon is a great employer to work for is an understatement. You’re not just working for someone who is absolutely caring, generous, selfless, and friendly, the education and knowledge that she has is gargantuan. She possesses a massive understanding in Family Law and everything that she undertakes. She is at the top of her field with a ton of humility. DeShon always asks more from herself and is always on a mission to not settle for mediocrity. That characteristic shows in her office environment, friendships with people, and your one-on-one interaction with her. As a person she has inspired me to grow in more ways than one. I genuinely respect and look up to her for all that she has accomplished and for how much more she will accomplish. She is a true friend for life. Beautiful (inside and out), graceful, elegant, and extremely funny, DeShon is a woman of wonder.”

“I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for being such a supportive and awesome boss! Because of her, our workplace feels like a family.”

“She truly cares about us, and gives every employee the chance to succeed and advance. She is both a boss and a friend.”

“DeShon continues to inspire me every day on both a personal and professional level. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her. She is aggressive, yet poised. I am in awe of her ability to understand people, decipher their needs and communicate to and for them on a daily basis. Everything she does, she does it with grace. Grace is not something so easily maintained in family law. DeShon is one of a kind and we are all so blessed to be under her wings.”


“DeShon is honest, extremely hardworking, and realistic about what to expect. DeShon is well regarded and connected with professionals who will further your case if needed. DeShon’s paralegal is knowledgeable and extremely competent in her role. DeShon’s legal acumen and diligence are impressive.”

“DeShon Pullen represented me in a Divorce Case. She has excellent interpersonal skills and I was able to build rapport and trust with her right away. In addition, she has effective communication skills with everyone she works with. I saw this over and over again throughout the months when working with the Judge, the Mediator, Opposing Counsel, and her Staff.

“She understood my goals and set the course on how to obtain them. She had perseverance in my case when I felt like ‘throwing in the towel.’ She came prepared to my Settlement Conference. She had a suitcase of documentation and even the Mediator had mentioned that he could tell she had put a lot of work into my case.

“The Settlement Conference was a long, 6 hour ordeal and when Opposing Counsel tried to tear me down, DeShon was quick to come back with a compelling argument and in a logical manner. It was hard for me to think during this conference because I was so stressed and emotionally spent. DeShon was steadfast. She was thorough and paid attention to detail to the bitter end.

“After everything was settled, the Mediator typed up the Settlement. DeShon reviewed it, and then she changed one of the items. I did not understand it at the time, but she had the foresight to see that if that item was not changed it could negatively impact me in the future. She said to me, ‘I want to make sure that you are going to be okay.’

“It has only been a few months since the Divorce was final and today I see clearly how important it was that she changed that one item. We were almost done and then, my former spouse tried to change an item after we had already settled. It was something that was important to me.

“DeShon and her assistant, Staci Maret helped me to work through this with positive results, and we still met the deadline date of filing the Divorce Decree. There were 2 other last minute revisions that occurred in my favor and I still wonder, how did they do this?”

“Wonderful Woman in every respect of the word, and example as both a professional and a woman. Very thoughtful, honest and intelligent. DeShon is both a mother and an excellent lawyer who knows the legal world. Highly recommended.”

As the attorneys and staff of DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, we want to thank DeShon for everything she does for us and our clients.

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