Staci Maret Becomes 2nd AZ Paralegal Certified by NALA in Family Law

Staci Heinz Paralegal at DeShon Laraye Pullen PLCDeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, strives to provide the highest possible level of service to our clients. That extends to our excellent paralegal staff. We are excited to announce that one of our paralegals, Staci Maret, completed the advanced family law certification program offered by NALA – The Paralegal Association, a national professional organization. She is one of just two paralegals in Arizona to achieve this, and the only one in Yavapai County!

In order to obtain the Advanced Paralegal Certification in family law, NALA requires completion of all four family law paralegal courses offered by NALA. The courses are Family Law – Division of Property and Spousal Support; Family Law – Dissolution Case Management; Family Law – Adoption and Assisted Reproduction; and Family Law – Child Custody, Support and Visitation. Upon completion of each course, a certified paralegal may use the designation associated with each completed course. Upon completion of all four (4) courses, a paralegal may use the Advanced Certified Paralegal – Family Law designation.

These are rigorous courses, and very few paralegals in Arizona hold advanced certifications from NALA. Not only is Staci just the second paralegal in the state to earn advanced certification in all four family law courses, she is one of just seven Arizona paralegals currently certified by in any of NALA’s family law courses.

Staci’s hard work means that the representation we provide you is of higher quality than ever before. Our attorneys work closely with our paralegals to draft legal documents and conduct research. Having a resource as well-educated as Staci gives us a terrific edge in whatever your family law matter might be, from divorce to child custody and adoption.

We are so proud of Staci for this tremendous achievement. Congratulations Staci!

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