Announcing our March Employee Awards

At DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, we are dedicated to celebrating the achievements of our employees. We are pleased to announce winners of our March Genius of the Month and Employee of the Month winners.

Our Geniuses of the Month of March:

Lisa Eick, Legal Assistant, added new deadlines on our calendaring chart related to three new rules for “noticing” a judge.

Lisa Eick - Genius of the Month of March

Jessica Hurley, Operations Director, changed our long-standing, traditional First Friday meeting to Second Friday due to conflicts with internal billing deadlines.

Jessica L. Hurley - Genius of the Month of March


Staci Maret, Advanced Certified Paralegal, created a Bonus Spreadsheet to track employee requirements for bonuses.

Staci Heinz - Genius of the Month of March


Our Employees of the Month of March:

Lisa Eick – “I vote for Lisa Eick because she is always making sure everything is done for both teams in Scottsdale, not just hers. She is always offering to help and do work for other people – outside of her job. :)”

Staci Maret – “Staci Maret, because no one has more dedication to this firm, its clients, and its employees than SM has. She is superhuman in her abilities!”

We are proud of our Geniuses and Employees of the Month! Thank you for all you do to continue to make this the best place to work! We appreciate you!

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