What is causing Huma’s hesitation?

The political and personal plight of Huma Abedin is a story with many twists and turns. Most of the credit for the ongoing drama can be credited to her estranged husband Anthony Wiener’s well-known, if not serial online amorous antics.

The former congressman’s extracurricular activities seemed to quiet down after yet another sexting scandal ended his 2013 campaign for the New York mayor’s office. Three years later, Wiener returned to salacious banner headlines revealing an intimate texting session featuring a come-hither picture of him in bed while his son slumbered at his side.

That straw in August of 2016 broke the proverbial camel’s back. Abedin announced that she and Weiner were separating.

Weeks later, additional allegations surfaced involving her estranged husband sexting with a 15-year-old girl. After an FBI and NYPD investigation, Weiner pled guilty to transmitting sexual material to a minor on May 19.

The same day, Abedin was in a different courtroom, filing for divorce. The first hearing was set for June 19.

Yet, five days prior to that court date, Abedin asked for a delay. The hearing was rescheduled for September 13, five days after her husband is sentenced.

What may seem like a spouse’s second thoughts may be a tactical move by a wife with even more resolve. Various factors may be at play.

Anthony Weiner faces one to three-years in prison. Any type of custody schedule, whether it involves 50-50 or every other weekend, is impossible.

Huma Abedin is trying to sell a story with a $2 million price tag to book publishers. She could be holding off on a deal to avoid sharing those proceeds with her soon-to-be ex. However, Weiner can potentially argue that her story is a part of his life because it occurred during their marriage.

Perhaps Abedin had that in mind when she filed for and rescheduled a contested proceeding.

Wiener has yet to retain an attorney.

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