Hot Convict in hot water

He is a man known by many times. Some call him, “Hot Mugshot Guy.” A conviction and subsequent incarceration for felony gun charges earned him the name “Hot Felon.”

Jeremy Meeks, the 34-year old “hot convict,” his other nom de plume, whose chiseled features went viral and saw him trade a prison cell for a runway, now finds himself in hot water. His face has graced countless photographs. Yet, one recent image in particular got the attention of not only his adoring followers, but also his wife.

As is the custom of many in modern times, Melissa Meeks checked her phone after waking up one morning to see a photo sent by a stranger. It was a picture of Jeremy that he posted on his official Instagram page. Her husband, already no stranger to finding himself in compromising positions, was kissing someone who wasn’t his wife.

Melissa had been under the assumption that Jeremy was working. In reality, her fashion model husband was not the subject of a photo shoot. He was on a yacht off the Turkish Coast canoodling with self-proclaimed fashion expert Chloe Green, the 26-year-old heiress to Topshop, a British retail empire.

Upon discovering the candid shot, Mrs. “Hot Convict” apparently tried to call her husband without success to explain the picture. His textbook response was straight out of “Modern Marital Affairs 101.” His phone wasn’t working. Yet, it seemed to be operating just fine when he posted the pictures.

That was only the beginning of the post-Independence Day fireworks upon his return home. He was apologetic. She was anything but receptive to his supposed contrition. Yet, both seemed to agree on one thing. Their marriage was over in the time it took to take and post a picture on Instagram.

Naturally, Melissa has sympathy on her side. Apparently, it took the appearance of an affair to turn the drooling public tide away from a convicted felon who boasts about his continuing gang ties.

Meeks apparently has more in common with his adoring fans than anyone realized. He is a sucker for a pretty face.

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