The post-Cruise life of Katie Holmes

A celebrity divorce is all too commonly rife with petty disputes and angry words (now tweets) that create a bitter battle played out on a public stage. For many of the rich and famous, a life that was once blissful devolved into an abyss that comes with the demise of a high-profile marriage.

For those who choose to leave not only the rancor, but also the limelight, that all-important chapter can take many forms for the well-to-do. However, few have taken the trajectory of Katie Holmes.

The next chapter of Tom Cruise’s ex is akin to a parallel universe. It is also a far cry from tabloid-covered red carpet appearances, luxury vacations, and the “couch jump heard around the world.” By leaving the bright Hollywood spotlight that once shone on her, appearances in supermarket rags now take the form of pictures at school or on the subway.

Five years in, Holmes is firmly cemented in Manhattan. However, resuming her acting career required a more bi-coastal way of life, dividing time between a Chelsea loft and an expensive mansion in The Oaks of Calabas. When not traveling via public transportation on the east coast, she can be seen attending dance classes for her daughter Suri, grocery shopping at a natural foods store, or attending a morning class and SoulCycle.

Her focus is on her child and Cruise-free coverage of her career. By focusing on acting in a variety of projects, she wants media attention on her on-screen performances, not her romantic endeavors once known by nearly everyone in America.

She has achieved a rarity for a celebrity of her status: the ideal balance of family and work. With frequent trips to her native Ohio and a recent vacation in Florida with nieces and nephews, the red carpet and paparazzi will clearly remain in the back seat.

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