Why do celebrity marriages fail?

Those who follow celebrity pairings usually do so with great passion. From the initial introduction to the lavish wedding with all the trappings, they live vicariously through the fairy-tale pairings of famous people.

Yet, as is the custom when the rich marry the famous, the past becomes prologue.

Just as fans are absorbing the news of yet another celebrity divorce announcement, another makes banner headlines. Ironically, the pace of dissolutions are making celebrities staying together more newsworthy.

The one-word question is simple. Why?

Real Love vs. Reel Love

Scenes in romantic movies are carefully scripted, rehearsed, and blocked. However, day-by-day interactions between couples only get one take. Married life portrayed on the silver screen does not resemble real life. Couples would be hard pressed to sustain the peaks and valleys contained within a film’s three acts.

A stable union always has room for excitement and adventure. However, it primarily requires something particularly non-cinematic: consistency.

Leggo Your Ego

With many celebrities come entourages. They are used to being the center or attention. Once they find someone to share their lives with, they struggle with a spotlight made for two. Catering to someone else becomes work that they simply are not accustomed to.

Once being surrounded by “yes” men and women, they are faced with someone who may tell them, “No,” a word that is foreign to many a celebrity.

Opportunity Knocks

Stars of the stage and screen have adoring fans, some more than others. Devotees will often proposition them for the proverbial “good time.” In addition, their jobs also require portraying characters in romantic relationships with other characters. Oftentimes, workplace dynamics involve staged intimate encounters.

More than any other profession, they face daily temptation from fans and colleagues to cross the line.

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