Is Brangelina 2 in the works?

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their split in September of 2016, their fans were shocked and stunned. Stories began to emerge of their discord that led to a divorce filing. Devotees prepared themselves for the end, going through various stages of grief.Brangelina was dead.Not so fast.

While some are saying that they remain deep in divorce talks, others are claiming that the divorce is off after not moving it forward for several months.

One source alleges that Pitt got sober in an effort to win back his wife, claiming that it is all Jolie ever wanted. The purported insider believes that everyone thinks they are getting back together and no one would be surprised if they tried to work things out.

Pitt candidly spoke of his drinking in a GQ interview in May. A friend of Jolie claimed that his commitment to sobriety struck a chord with the actress who had supposedly claimed that she would take him back if he showed a commitment to raising his children.

The other side of the coin involves allegations of Pitt abusing one of his six children. An alleged altercation involved the actor his son Maddox aboard a private jet heading to Nice, France. When the airplane landed, Jolie kicked him out.

Even though it allegedly remains a deal-breaker in a reunion, Pitt has been since exonerated of any wrongdoing.

Regarding the divorce not moving forward, apparently the stall is not about money, not making up. Because they own multiple properties, furnishings and a wine brand in other countries not covered by prenups, dividing the assets is complex and led to a stalemate between their attorneys.

Whether divorce draws the curtain on their marriage or a happy ending is in the works, one thing remains clear. Hollywood and its devoted fans do love a good reboot.

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