Man waiting for child support money to be paid back

What Expenses Are Covered By Child Support

Man waiting for child support money to be paid back

Various complications often arise for parents in Arizona and elsewhere after divorce. Often, such problems concern child support, custody, visitation or other family matters. If a parent believes there has been a mistake regarding the amount of child support owed, it is best to act alongside experienced family law counsel when pursuing the matter in court.

A man in another state was known as a dedicated father who tried his best to provide for all his child’s needs. In fact, at one point, the court granted him 100 percent time-sharing with his son in light of evidence of the mother’s neglect. In a rather odd turn of events, after the child had lived with his father on a full-time basis for at least two years, the man’s driver’s license was suddenly revoked for alleged back child support payments he supposedly owed.

Not long after, the man received a notice saying he owed the child’s mother $30,000 in child support. A hearing officer later concurred his payments were up to date, and his license was reinstated. Problems arose again, however, when the man’s tax refund and funds in a health savings account set up for his son were seized.

A circuit court judge ultimately ordered a cessation of all seizures against the man and also ordered monies already seized to be returned to him. At the time of this writing, the man had not yet received any of his money back, but he had enlisted the help of an attorney to fight his cause. Any parent in Arizona experiencing similar child support problems may request guidance from a family law attorney before proceeding to court.

Source:, “Bar Bulletin: State office comes after father for back child support that he never owed“, Susannah Collins Robinson, Nov. 28, 2016

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