Recognizing Our Employees of The Month and Geniuses of the Month

At DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, we recognize one of our staff members with an Employee of the Month award for going above and beyond. In addition to doing their job, they help others while collaborating with their own team members to resolve client problems. Simply put, they serve as a role model for others.

This month, we are proud to announce that Jessica Hurley is our Employee of the Month winner for September 2017.

Employees who nominated her heaped well-deserved praise that included:

  • “Anytime ANYONE has a question about processes, system functions or just general Qs about the firm, she is right there to help and has the answers to just about every question you throw at her.”
  • “She is just such a rock star and has really helped everyone with all the training she has done for so many new employees (and/or new positions).”
  • “She is never too busy to answer a question and took out extra time to provide additional training with me because she wants me to succeed.”

Jessica L. Hurley - Employees of year in 2017  Jessica is one of a long line of Employees of the Month throughout 2017. Past winners this year include:








Amy J. Witzleb    Amy Witzleb (January 2017) for her outstanding courtroom presence and positive attitude.







Sara A. Swiren  Sara A. Swiren (February 2017) for getting the best results for our clients and bettering our firm.








Lisa Eick and Staci Maret (March 2017) Lisa for her ongoing follow through and overall dedication she shows to the firm. She is results-oriented when it comes to her team and others. Staci for her dedication to the firm and its clients and employees.

Jessica Hurley Jessica Hurley (April 2017) for repeatedly and consistently getting things done.








Meredith Leyton Meredith Leyton (May 2017 for her willingness to help and learn while always keeping a smile on her face.
Meredith Leyton (June 2017, her second in a row) for enthusiasm, readiness to learn, and being a team player.





Nicole Pacheco Nicole Pacheco (July 2017) for being a team player who accommodates her team and others while maintaining a positive attitude.







Lisa Eick and Casey Satterday (August 2017) Lisa for consistently working hard and being team oriented. Casey for diligently working on necessary tasks while always maintaining a positive attitude

Our Genius of the Month award is reserved for an employee who suggests a best practice that potentially improves the way we do business and practice law while increasing productivity and efficiency. To qualify, their proposed best practice must be thoroughly tested and successfully implemented. Because of these standards, not all months have a winner. Those who have achieved this designation include:

  • Lisa Eick, Jessica Hurley and Staci Maret – March 2017
  • Preston Sam – May 2017
  • Sara A. Swiren – July 2017
  • Adrienne Jones and Sara A. Swiren – August 2017
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