DLP PLC Staff Who Excelled In October And November

DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC is proud to announce our latest staff recognition awards: Employee of the Month and Genius of the Month.

The Employee of the Month award is for those who served as a role model that goes above and beyond. Beyond doing their own job, they help co-workers while collaborating with their own team members to resolve client issues. Simply put, they serve as a role model for their peers.

Our Genius of the Month award is designated for an employee who suggests a best practice that potentially that increases productivity and efficiency while improving the way we do business and practice law. To receive the award, the employee’s proposed best practice must be thoroughly tested and successfully implemented.

Leticia Munozcano (Employee of the month of November)Leticia Munozcano is November’s Employee of the Month. One staff member referred to her as a “gracious shining star” with an unending positive attitude. After quickly learning numerous policies and procedures, she was added to the firm’s busiest team and held responsibility for multiple, highly intensive duties while maintaining and preparing files for court.

Amy J. Witzleb (Employee of the month of October)Amy J. Witzleb is our October Employee of the Month. Throughout her time with our firm, she has always been willing to step up and cover our all-important initial consultations.

Jessica L. Hurley (Genius of the month of October)Jessica Hurley is the Genius of the Month for October for putting the laptop checkout on the Clio calendar. By doing that, she made the process easier and without conflicts over the person taking a laptop to trial.

Please join us in congratulating these valuable members of the DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC family.

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